We make an extensive range of eternity rings in 18ct yellow or rose gold & platinum.

As each Faller eternity ring is custom made lots of different options are possible.  Your specific size can be made to order with more or fewer diamonds or gemstones.  Prices can vary with finger size.  It is always best to try on our stock eternity rings with your existing rings to see which most compliments.  Speak to our experienced staff to help you decide which style suits you and your fingers.

Traditionally, eternity rings are given to celebrate the first wedding anniversary or the birth of the couple’s first child.  Today the celebration could just as easily be a 40th birthday or a 10th wedding anniversary.

The original style of an unbroken band of diamonds to symbolise unending love has given way in popularity to diamonds halfway around the band which is more economical and practical to wear. Eternity or anniversary ring setting styles now vary widely, with round, princess cut and emerald cut diamond options possible. Ruby, sapphire and emerald eternity rings are also a desirable alternative to the all diamond version.

Traditionally eternity rings were worn with engagement and wedding rings on the left hand. As diamond wedding rings have become more fashionable, wearing your anniversary ring alone on the fourth finger on your right hand is now a growing trend. Right-hand rings open up a world of choice as you are not limited to matching your other rings. Larger diamond options, gemstone options or wider rings which would detract from your engagement ring can look perfect on the other hand. Also when fingers are too short to allow for a third ring this is a desirable alternative.

Whichever style you chose, your Faller eternity ring will always symbolise everlasting love and be treasured for a lifetime.